Carson Hybrid Energy Storage


CHES is developing a 500MWh zinc aqueous energy storage facility located in the LA Basin. This project and our follow on 200 MWh project will place energy storage near customer load, eliminating congestion on out of state transmission lines and allow for the capture of solar energy that would have otherwise been curtailed. Zinc aqueous energy storage batteries are safe from any fire, built with environmentally friendly materials and are Made In The USA.
Peter Reardon, President of CHES believes California needs fire safe, large scale energy storage located in our cities and towns to provide grid reliability as we move towards our zero carbon future. The recent blackouts showed that California cannot rely on out of state imports during climate induced heat waves affecting regions and not individual states. CHES is committed to developing safe energy storage solutions located in the LA Basin. We seek to partner on this project and a second project with LA's Load Serving Entities(LSE) that value our safe, city based product. With support from Southern California Edison, we are going to maximize the benefit of an existing interconnect to allow for this important energy storage resource to be located in the LA basin. Choosing Eos was easy, as their zinc aqueous technology is safe from fire, Made In The USA, and provides green jobs. We will implement a pilot 1 MW behind the meter project in the Los Angeles basin in 2021 and then scale rapidly.
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CHES has Partnered with Eos Energy Storage